Woooh end of episode 6!

As always, we’ll have an inbetween chapters break, the start date for episode 7 will be announced later (wow, we’re two chapters away of the end of season 1! A lot of things will happen in these two chapters). I want to take this break to sketch a lot of pages in advance, so I don’t kill my buffer and so Patreons can be ahead of the rest of the readers all the time.
Also, I’m getting married next month o_o (with the person that encouraged me to start working on this comic btw haha), so I want to prepare a lot of pages in advance so I can go away for a week and not leave you without updates.
I’ll think of mini comics to post while we’re on the break, I don’t want to do anything too time consuming, so I can focus on sketching pages and leaving everything ready!

Until next time!