· About the story ·

Four Leaf is a fantasy web comic about a kid that doesn’t dream, trying to find the way home.

Lupe is 16 years old, she considers herself to be a weird person. She hasn’t been able to adapt to her new city or make any friends; but things will change when she meets Lina, the other new girl at school. Soon things will get really odd, and Lupe will find out how normal she is.


· About the author ·

Name: Lucía Martínez Galdona.
Aka: Lumaga.
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay.
Age: 29.
Likes: Pizza, sweets, Pokémon, watching speedruns.
Dislikes: Needles, cigarette smell.


Hi, I’m Lu. I live in Uruguay, and my first language is Spanish, so you may find some spelling mistakes because of that.
I’ve worked as a video game artist for the past seven years, and now I also work as a comic artist.
I have a self-published novel called El grupo Domak. I’ve been writing Four Leaf since 2010 in hopes of turning it into a web comic some day, and that day has finally come; it is a mix of everything I like: magic, hopeless kids overcoming their fears, clichés turned upside down, and colorful facades with dark cores. Also it’s based off the red riding hood, but you’ll soon forget about that. I hope you enjoy it~