Happy anniversary to my comic!

Let me say, I’ve accepted this comic as one of my day jobs, even if the money I make with it is only what I get through Patreon (I’m very grateful for my patrons of course!), what I’m trying to say is, last night I went to bed at 6am so I could finish a page of this comic an deliver it in time, and it didn’t bother me, working on this even at late hours is very satisfying and I want to keep doing it for many years. I hope the day comes when my stories can pay my bills, but meanwhile and as long as I can survive, I’ll keep doing it and having a great time~

Thank you all so much for being here reading, appreciating, shipping, theorizing, or whatever makes you enjoy my comic the most lol. It’s been an amazing year, and you readers are a strong reason why it’s been amazing!

Take care~