Four Leaf – a webcomic by Lumaga

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  1. stonefoot

    I think he would agree. There’s probably someone else with a different opinion though…. Lina? Or someone we haven’t met yet…. well we know who knows what’s going on, but we also know that she isn’t going to tell us anything.

    We’ll just have to wait for the comics as she let’s us see them. I’d grumble about waiting, but the only other option is not finding out at all, and one thing I do know is that I want to know the rest. Yes, all of it, and I’ll keep coming back forever,if it takes that long. ;;-}}

    • fourleafcomic_z0s5if

      Some answers will come sooner than others, and many characters keep a lot of secrets, Lina may be the number one in that list 😛 so we have a long way to go. Thanks for being patient and I’m glad you’re enjoing it c:

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