Four Leaf – a webcomic by Lumaga

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  1. Etna

    That smile is cute, and terrifying.

    • fourleafcomic_z0s5if

      Oh, good I’m not the only one that thinks that!

  2. Jerry

    Lina handles that sword with such apparent ease. Her STR stat must be high.

    • fourleafcomic_z0s5if


      • Etna

        Can we get her stat sheet? I would be interested in knowing what level she is.

        • fourleafcomic_z0s5if

          I’m not gonna spoil you with a stats sheet haha, but maybe I can say she would have high strength, inteligence and charisma.

  3. Jerry

    Her high CHR stat is self evident. ^__^

    • fourleafcomic_z0s5if

      Haha good! That’s not something every witch has 😛

  4. Jerry

    And my INT state is not. ;_;

  5. Nearinthel

    A D&D party: Alvar the figther, Lina the mage, Lupe the Rogue and Crocket the Bard.

    • Licandro


    • fourleafcomic_z0s5if

      *nods of approval*

  6. Edumyr Forthelolz


    • fourleafcomic_z0s5if

      I love what this has turned into

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