Four Leaf – a webcomic by Lumaga

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  1. “Magic” always the best excuse for everything XD

    • fourleafcomic_z0s5if

      A magical dog ate my homework.

  2. Guaya

    Screw school! I’m in a world of… Screw school anyways! XD

    • fourleafcomic_z0s5if


  3. Etna

    I actually used an excuse like that one time for being late to class.
    ” Sorry I missed the bell, I found myself lost in a magical world where I needed to save the fabric of reality, also Bon Jovi was there.”

    • fourleafcomic_z0s5if

      “Bon Jovi was there” lol

      • Etna

        I started using that excuse thanks to the comic strawberry marshmallow.
        I think it worked once for me.

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